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About Us

Trade Agro is a Polish company that has been providing comprehensive services to the agricultural industry for over a decade. We conduct domestic and international trade.

We specialize in trading grain, components, and road transportation, and have our own fleet of vehicles. Our priority is to maintain long-term, partnership-based business relationships. You will find a stable partner in us with whom you can plan your future. The priority of our work is the profit of our partners, whose financial success is extremely important to us.


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    Organic Grains

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    Our services

    Purchase of grain

    Farmers and their farms play a strategic role for us. We want to develop the Polish agricultural industry, which is why we offer high purchase prices for agricultural products.
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    We offer high purchase prices for agricultural products. Thanks to our cooperation with reliable laboratories, we provide objective determination of the parameters of grains and rapeseed. We also provide direct pickup of goods using our own transportation.

    We work with specialists to guarantee professional and reliable service.

    Organic grains

    We offer attractive purchase prices for organic agricultural products. We buy organic grains such as buckwheat, spelt, rapeseed, barley, corn. We guarantee direct collection of goods by our own transport. We cooperate with specialists, thanks to which we guarantee professional and reliable service.

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    We offer attractive prices for the purchase of organic agricultural products. We buy organic grains such as buckwheat, spelt, rapeseed, barley, and corn.

    We provide direct pickup of goods with our own transportation.

    Feed components

    Highest quality components for the production of animal feed and nutrition. We know very well that taking care of the nutrition of farm animals affects their development, health, condition, and above all, the profitability of production.

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    In our offer, you will find meals, cakes, DDGS, wheat mix, corn mix, bran, oils, phosphates, and many others that come exclusively from reputable producers. We only cooperate with the best producers and importers. We advise and provide comprehensive support.


    In the interest of efficient and sustainable development of the agricultural industry, we want to comprehensively provide you with products that guarantee proper sowing, cultivation, and crop quality.
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    In our offer, we have articles for agricultural production, which we will always adapt to the needs of the Customer. The choice of our products guarantees the highest quality, meeting the expectations of the most demanding recipients, and competitive prices. We offer solutions exclusively from reputable suppliers. We recommend:

    • qualified seed material,
    • plant protection products,
    • agricultural fertilizers,
    • biostimulants,
    • and other assortment for agricultural production

    We are convinced that our new department will become a valuable partner in the agricultural industry, providing not only the highest quality products but also knowledge and support.


    We are a direct importer of golden and brown flax, camelina, buckwheat, lentils, mustard, and linseed cakes. We closely cooperate with Kazakhstan, one of the largest countries in the world, located at the crossroads of Asia and Europe.

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    Many years of honest cooperation have allowed us to develop our services for the import of bulk goods. The favorable location of Kazakhstan between Europe and Asia gave us an extraordinary logistic potential for our cooperation. In addition, we value cooperation with the best. Kazakhstan ranks among the highest in terms of crops (FAO):

    • harvesting of safflower seeds – 1st place,
    • harvesting of linseed – 1st place.


    We provide domestic and international transportation along with forwarding. We have our own fleet of vehicles that will meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers.

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    We have heavy-duty trucks, tipper trailers, and tarpaulin trailers. Transportation is carried out based on the CMR Convention, the Carriage of Goods Act, and the Civil Code. We deal with forwarding and transportation of:

    • Grains and agricultural products,
    • Coal and aggregates,
    • Bulk materials,
    • Food products,
    • Building materials,

    Thanks to many years of experience, we know the market on which we operate very well.

    We have been cooperating with large companies in the industry for years, following norms and procedures, also taking into account their work schedule. We have the necessary equipment required during the delivery process.

    A highly qualified and experienced team

    Comprehensive forwarding services

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    Fleet vehicle monitoring

    Reliable and environmentally friendly vehicles