Grain crops and feed components

Our partners’ satisfaction with cooperating with us is the greatest success for us!

We offer attractive prices of crops as well as permanent access to agricultural market information.

We provide with high quality feed components necessary for animal nutrition.

TRADE AGRO is a Polish company which has been working efficiently in the agriculture sector for over a decade. We specialize in circulation of the cereals and feed components together with road transport.

Long experience has allowed us to establish partnership relations with producers, consumers and export traders. Working together we are in position not only to offer attractive crop prices and feed components to our suppliers but also goods that satisfy their requirements to our consumers. 

What makes us special among other companies is exceptional care for the contract partner and their intrests. We always make efforts to offer the best possible solution to a given situation in order to maximize the profits of each partner. Our top priority is to mantain longstaining business relations that are  based on honesty and loyalty. We employ top national specialists in their fields who always share knowledge and experience. The result of our work is our partners’ profit whose financial succes is of utmost importance for us.

Join us and start succeeding with us!


flexible cooperation conditions

short payment terms

our own transport

home delivery

Feed Safety Assurance

Sustainable biomass production

Organic Grains

Safe business partner


Grain market is one of the most dynamic and unpredictable markets, which is why we provide our Partners with continuous access to market information. We offer high prices of crop purchases, convenient payment dates, as well as direct receipt of the goods with our own transport. Through cooperation with reliable laboratories we provide objective evaluation of grain crops and rapeseed basic parameters. We operate both in Poland and the European Union.

We ensure professional and trusted service thanks to our top specialists in the field.


We provide with superior quality components for animal feed and food production. We offer middlings, oilseed cakes, DDGS, wheatmix ( pszenmix), cornmix, bran, oils, phosphates and many others. We cooperate with top producers and importers. We deal with advising and overall supporting.


We deal with freight forwarding and transport of:

  • crops and agricultural products,
  • coal and  aggregates,
  • loose materials,
  • food goods,
  •  construction materials,
  • construction and household chemicals,
  • household appliances and radio and audio-video devices.

We have at our disposal heavy goods vehicles, tipper semi-trailers and canvas topped trucks.

We are well acquainted with the market where we operate, our vehicles are specialized in grain crops and component transport as well as they have the equipment needed for delivery.
We are familiar with procedures, requirements and working hours of most of he leading companies in the field.

Full freight forwarding services

Supervision of the entrusted cargo – vehicle fleet monitoring

Professional and experienced team

Infallible and environmentally safe vehicles

Experienced and responsible drivers

High standard of vehicle higienic conditions. Register of the loading cell cleaning and disinfecting

Transportation carried out under CMR Convention, Traffic Rights and civil code.

TRADE AGRO Sp. z o.o.

Branch of Toruń

ul. B. Głowackiego 20
87-100 Toruń
tel. (+48) 53 59 35 405
tel. (+48) 53 44 44 939

Branch of Poznań

ul. Nieszawka 1
61-021 Poznań
tel. (+48) 50 51 32 230
tel. (+48) 53 59 35 405

Branch of Puławy

ul. Zielona 19/11
24-100 Puławy
tel. (+48) 57 519 59 95


tel. +48 534 444 939

NIP 584-26-89-594, REGON 220938115, KRS 0000346715